Setup rewards and add promo-codes to distribute using Stashally. You can add these rewards for the completion of creating a review / content.

Once a promo code reward is created and issued out, the reward cannot be deleted or details changed. If you no longer want to use the created reward, we suggest you can create a new promo code reward and tag it your existing promotions.

Go to Group Settings
Select the following as shown as the image below:
Promo Codes
Create New

There are 3 types of promo codes:
Single Promo Code: Add 1 generic promo code which can be used multiple times.

Unique Promo Code: Add a Promo code that is unique and meant for one time use only. (In this case you should be adding a batch of unique promo-codes)

Shopify Promo Code: Link up your Shopify Store's promo code with Stashally

Click Save when you are done.

Now that you have set up your rewards, find out how to distribute them here.
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