We're pleased to introduce the Shop tile for you to quick sell products and take payments from your Stashally page! We've made it easy and fast to setup, add your products in 60 seconds.

*Check out an example here https://stashally.com/ten10tea
*Check out how to Sell a Service on Stashally here
*Do note that platform fees applies. You can find out more here.

Go to Group Settings
Click on +Monetization button at the bottom of the page

Shop and Monetization

Select the Currency that you'd like to sell with and select the Shop button as shown below when ready. Note that you will be able to change the currency later on.

Enter your Shop Name
Add Item(s) to your shop! Here's how:

Select Add Item
Upload Image
Add the Product Name & a short Description
Set Price
Select Done when ready

Add Shipping Cost

Please remember to add Payout Details for us transfer you the funds.

🎉 You're now ready to sell with Stashally!
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