You can add collected reviews from Stashally onto your Shopify Store to boost social proof, and showcase your community of happy customers.

This is a guide on how to display your reviews / experiences on your shopify home page.

Step 1: Copy the code on your Stashally app.

Step 2: Click on customize themes.

Step 3: Add a new section.

Step 4: Add a custom content.

Step 5: Remove any unneccessary content (if any, for example the default Talk about your brand and Image) and add select Add Content with the dropdown title Custom HTML. Give a name to this section.

Step 6: Paste the code in Step 1 into the HTML* box.

Step 7: Click save, head over to the app page and enable widget.

If you have any issues or would like help, please contact us by chat or email us at
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