For Pro Plan and above users you can connect your custom domain that you have purchased (usually from domain registration sites like godaddy, namecheap) to your Stashally Page.

Step 1

Login to your domain registrar account (i.e. godaddy, namecheap) and look for the DNS settings

Step 2

In your DNS settings there should be an 'A' record. Edit and set the 'A' record values to the following,

Set an A record with:
"Host" of @
"Points to" of
Don't worry about TTL, you can leave it alone
Remember to save

For reference our IPv4 is

Step 3

Wait at least 15-30mins and continue at your dashboard as below,

Now head to your Stashally dashboard and click Settings > Custom Domain on the main menu bar on the left.

In the field, type in your domain name that you own (without the https://) for example, and click verify.

That's all! It can take up to 48hrs for DNS changes from your domain registrar to be properly adjusted.

If you still face issues or need assistance, please don't hesitate to email us at
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